Codey Rickson


As a native to the eastern side of Michigan, Cody pursued his higher education in the arts here in our state. With a bachelor’s degree in illustration from College for Creative Studies, he went on to further his exploration of the arts and art theory at Kendall College of Art and Design. Cody earned his MFA from KCAD in 2013 and has since went on to pursue his study of painting full time.

Propelled by a generation of instant gratification and digital awareness, Cody strives to bring meaning to an art form that is deeply rooted in our world’s history yet is now considered counter-culture: painting. His artwork investigates the space between one’s leisures and self and the cultivation of American civilization through interest or distraction.

The realism within Cody’s paintings proposes discourse on the pursuit or rebellion of visual quietness, organization, and detail orientation in a mass image-seeking culture. His chosen medium of oils symbolizes craftsmanship’s emergence from a digital age.

When away from his studio, Cody is often found deeply immersed in his outdoor interests of plein air painting, rock climbing, and backpacking. Nature reimagined is and will continue to be Cody’s ultimate muse.


Codey Rickson

Codey Rickson



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