Darren John


Bright, visceral and overflowing with curious inhabitants, Darren John’s work is a portal into an intoxicating realm; a shared experience between artist and viewer, John’s work channels the creative spirit in us all. He sweeps aside distinctions of high art and low art to create an unfettered visual language that is as welcoming as it is mischievous, as playful as it is bizarre.

Radiating an aura of ceaseless mystery, John’s compositions assert the technical skill of the craftsman – as meticulous in their detail as they are precise in their construction. John’s bold landscape appropriates the iconography of the cartoon and is at once familiar yet ruthlessly absurd, universal yet endlessly enigmatic.

Anti-elitist by nature, John’s work claims the territory of the pure and untamed imagination. His imagery is knowingly deployed to stimulate, to disorientate and to fascinate his audience. John invites us to leave our dimension behind and join him on his quest for unbound creative liberty and limitless imaginative freedom.


Darren John

Darren John



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