Olga Lomaka


Olga was born in Moscow. Now she lives and works in London.

Nowadays Olga Lomaka is a widely known young artist living and working in London, one of the most prominent and intriguing representatives in the creative circles, both in Russia and Europe. Her works are recognised for a remarkable personal style, thrilling the audience with their unique and surreal frankness. Lomaka’s most favourite approach in painting is experimenting with a mixture of styles, fiery and provocative images, and extraordinary colours. Exploring a combination of pop-art and surrealism elements, the artist constantly discovering new ways to express herself, breaking all limitations and going further than the walls of art galleries.

The artist is vigorously inclining towards other artistic media with a particular interest in sculpture, printmaking, video and art installations. At the same time, Lomaka remains faithful to her chosen genre bringing together different techniques and materials. Her own original perception of everyday things and social phenomena are interpreted in her phantasmagorical creations in a special manner — revealing current social and spiritual problems and then provoking a dialogue with a viewer, always electrifying by deep meanings.

In 2002 Lomaka took a painting course at Loyola University of Chicago. In 2011 she decided to continue her art education and enrolled in Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London), where she studied fine arts. In 2015 she received BA Painting degree at Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London).


Olga Lomaka

Olga Lomaka



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