Kehinde Wiley

ARTIST PROFILE Los Angeles native and New York based visual artist, Kehinde Wiley has firmly situated himself within art history’s portrait painting tradition. As a contemporary descendent of a long

Doris Salcedo

ARTIST PROFILE Doris Salcedo makes sculptures and installations that function as political and mental archaeology, using domestic materials charged with significance and suffused with meanings accumulated over years of use

Gavin Perry

ARTIST PROFILE Gavin Perry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1971, and currently lives and works in Miami. Perry’s exhibitions include Frederic Snitzer, Miami, Florida; Galerie Sultana, in Paris France;

Tara Sharpe

ARTIST PROFILE Radiating a latent violence, Tara Sharpe’s work complicates perceptions of beauty and myth. Layered and saturated colors combine with extraordinary interpretations of shape and scale to form a

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