Talking Art with Amir Zainorin

Talking Art is a quick artist interview. We ask Amir Zainorin 5 questions to help you get to know him and his art. Please contact the artist directly regarding their work.

Let our readers know who you are, where you are from and what kind of art you create?

My name is Amir Zainorin. I am born born and grew in Johor, Malaysia. My father was a ghazal singer so music played a big part of my life as I was growing up. I am a multi media visual artist and make installation, painting, collage, assemblage, video, animation, photography, printmaking and performance. I am interested in subject matter that ranges from political, economical and social issues and my main source comes from the media from television, newspaper, magazines and the Internet. I use ready made images to make my art and it is often linked tor the consumer society we are living in.

What is your favourite piece of art that you have done?

Difficult question to answer because it is very hard for me to choose a favourite piece. If I have a favourite piece, it will be the one that I am working on. But nevertheless, here is a piece which I think quite important since this is the only piece of art that was saved from the total loss that I had in 2001. I lost everything that I owned which includes hundreds work of art which include paintings, collage, assemblage, photographs, printmaking and my writings during my stay as a resident artist in Kuala Lumpur. This piece called ’surrender’ made with oil on canvas is sort of like a link to the past.

Amir Zainorin

Show & Tell us about your workspace and the tools you use. (brushes, charcoal, steel, lasers?)

I have a studio in the place we are living in together with my wife and two kids in Copenhagen. This has been my based for the last ten years before moving from Malaysia in 2002. I use the camera, projector, computer, pens, pencil, brushes, acrylics, trash or anything that I think that would be interesting to make my art. This piece below which is a portrait of William Borroughs is ‘painting’ full of text painted with rubber stamps.

Amir Zainorin

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on an animation, a portrait of a poet from Malaysia called Samad Said.

What is your favourite piece of art from another artist?

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen is on my long list.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 3.18.08 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 3.18.27 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 3.18.20 PM

We would like to thank Amir Zainorin for taking part in our quick artist interview. You can check out his work at:

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